Axiom Professional is the place for peace of mind

Axiom; Greek, worthy.
Professional; loyal, respectful, courageous, integritous
Services are serious and are no laughing matter.  When you want or need something done you hard earned money, time, and trust is on the line.  Don't settle.

Axiom has several years of experience in the construction field.  Trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tooling, heating and air, roofing, demolition, painting, glass, landscape, plans and masonry are a few areas of interest and expertise well aquainted to Axiom Professional.  The years spent in the trades have taught very important lessons.  Perhaps the most important is the forbearance one must exercise while performing one of these trades when talking to someone who is not in these trades.  The underlying issue is there are so many people in these trades who profess to be the answer and take advantage of those seeking the answer.  Project management is a serious thing.  We challenge anyone who believes you can just look into a job once in a while and take credit for it.

The office is somewhat of a forte of Axiom Professional.  Before the owner of Axiom retired from the military, he ran a training office for a few hundred other individuals and answered to no one but two or three higher than his office.  Computing which includes all the Microsoft platforms, emailing, managing data and securing important files; faxing, teleconferencing, updating and maintaining travel systems, paper filing, linking procurements and making coffee.

We do mean leadership.  There is a term out there which is "manager."  This is an important term when someone wants to invoke and instill policies but, sadly, it is incorporated leadership assuming they are synonymous.  We can assure you, they are not.  A leader will direct from the front and take part in what is being led as well as envelope himself or herself in the task at hand to such an extent the start and end are exatly as they should be.  The owner of Axiom Professional loves this topic and says often, leaders can lead managers, however, manager can't lead leaders.  Both can exist in the same person but as the school of hard knocks proves, these are the ones you can't find, they find you.  Axiom is tried and tested in schooling as well in leadership.  Majors in leasership are available.  LDRSHIP

Engineering is not Axiom's strong suit but there is a relative amount of experience and interest in this area.  relative because the experience and interest in this area are gained from doing and learning.  No degree of Engineering in Axiom but the level of expertise in the field would cause me to rethink whether I would take a lessom from one here or one with a degree.

Yes, the aspect of higher learning.  Axiom Professional is proud to announce there is a plethora of knowlege present and willing to divulge what they know.  Uninterested in any style of indoctrination Axiom prides itself to be well versed in leadership, business management, psychology, sociology, anthropology, accounting, I/O psychology, history, government, horticulture and animal husbandry.

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat.  If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

                                 Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Imagine the fine quote to the left exchanged with a couple of words.  Substitute "enemy" with "the other side," "defeat" with "loss," and "battle(s)" with "conflict."  Now read it again.  I'm sure you want to be the subject of the first sentence. 

Transformation is not a bad thing.  Identity of before can still be maintained as long as the memory remains.  Transformation is an art.  An art which expresses trust, faith, loyalty and respect for the opposite or opposing side.  Transformation is the ability to become something else to adapt to the moment in order to suit the needs of a given time.  That transformation may be to something more physically adept to something perceived more beautifully than before.

Perhaps the most endearing profession is the profession which has been in front of us since time began, Customer Service or Customer Care.  The experience level within Axiom Professional of Customer Service is that which is sinfully prideful.  From Healthcare to telecommunications to store sales to walking down the street and knocking on someone's door, we have been there and done that.  What is interesting about Customer Service is it is not a practice only used when you are being paid to use it, it is used constantly.  The human mind must use it all the time to condition themselves to use it effectively all the time.